April 18, 2019

Thursday 1:13pm


Just finished lunch (leftovers), sitting outside on my new-ish IKEA wooden furniture, a nice rectangular wooden table and chairs offering enough surface space to work, because, well... I work from home, so any surface can be a work surface!


Tomorrow marks the start of the Easter long weekend. While most people will have Friday to Monday filled with barbecued sausages, cheap (or, these days, expensive) chocolate and family, I will be working. I kind of love it.


It is one strange thing about living hours away from anyone you know. I grew up being minutes from friends and extended family, driving past most people's houses I knew on the way back from school every day. Now it consists of plans weeks or months in advance. Growing up. 


This place, nestled between beaches and riverside, with long stretches of forest and bush separating me from the city I have always known, is therefore a sort of artist residency for me. Every room can be worked in, every living space can have half formed ideas haphazardly scribbled on leftover pieces of paper from other ideas. And I move the furniture around every few months. 


My illustrations have been reverting back to be more graphite-based this year. More pencil texture, and simpler colour schemes.  My life has been lacking lately in the words department. Behind the scenes projects means not much is being published on this blog. 


Is it annoying that on this blog you have to click on each post individually to read it? I wish I could have the continuous scrolling type, like I had on my old blog, but this one doesn't allow it, and I'm not sure about losing all the posts here in order to gain that feature.


Anyway, lunchtime musings over, back to work. 




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