Pastel experiments - sketchbook

March 13, 2019





I experimented with some old soft pastels of mine today. Having a thirst for all art media, I had some lying around from when I was a teenager, but have never really found their messy, dusty texture to be of much use. Today I considered them as a layer, not a tool on their own, but possibly as a background or dreamy light hint of colour here and there. Rosy cheeks and what not.

The white soft pastel wasn't visible over the top, so I tried a white oil pastel. Nice effect, as seen in the third image, but not very clear. Maybe guache will work better. Watch this space. (Guache this space?)

Also, a quick sketchbook sketch of a David, apparently trying hard not to cry. One day I will see you in the cold, marbled flesh. 

Also also, one solid day with good internet would be lovely. Please.


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