Positivity, Beaches and Yesvember

November 5, 2018


October has come and gone, I am a year older, and now it is November. Or, as I am choosing to think, Yesvember. I am going to try and actively see the world for its positivity and potential. Who's with me?! Optimism is such a outwardly powerful trait, and yet it stems from our own thinking patterns. People going through the same life experiences can view them completely differently, which means we all have the power to look on the bright side of life. Not always (sorry Monty Python), and by no means should we ignore the serious issues both personally and globally, but not getting bogged down by it, and reflecting on how we can be more positive, whether that's helping others or ourselves. It's infectious, too. Someone outwardly portraying a positive mindset can initiate others to do the same. 


So yes to Yesvember, yes to working hard but feeling good about hard work and thinking positive things when we can. We're all living here together so the least we can do is like it. 


The picture below is of my beach visit today. It was really warm and humid, but looks very foggy/misty. I walked along the sand, sat and worked on a story, and walked across the rock pools which were amazing (iPhone does not do it justice!). North Avoca beach, on the Central Coast of New South Wales (Australia) is around fifteen minutes from where I live. There are actually heaps of beaches within a twenty minute vicinity of my house. I have been living here for a few months now, having moved from Sydney, but I still want to become more familiar  with the area, so I'm thinking of illustrating a map of some enjoyable places, both to help me and maybe someone in the future. I'll keep adding locations as I come across them, mainly interesting cafes, beaches (including dog friendly ones!) and just other need-to-knows. What do you think? Might get started on that soon. 


Otherwise, talk to you later!






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