James and the Giant Peach

September 26, 2018


Ooooooh, it's been a little while. So many times I have thought of posting but haven't followed through. I thought I'd jump on quickly just to show you all a children's book illustration I recently finished. I often listen to Roald Dahl audiobooks while I work, so this was fun! I originally had a concept with all the bugs crowded around on a peach, but wasn't happy with how they looked, I just couldn't get the characterisation to match the overall feel of the concept. It took ages to rough and draw each one and in the end I changed each and still wasn't happy. So I went for my next idea, much simpler but much more elegant I think, and feels a little vintage in some way. Hope you like it!


I used procreate on my iPad Pro, which I'm loving! I am going to try and export the brushes into photoshop because there are a couple that are really comfortable for me. For this one it was a mix of the pens, pencils and charcoals.





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