Rabbits, chickens and lots of chocolate

April 1, 2018

And also hot cross buns with lots of tea. I recently finished up this piece titled "All Your Eggs In One Basket", which started off as something related to Easter but has also brought in some other topics I've been thinking a lot about lately. How do vegetarians or vegans feel about eggs if they are from chickens that are known, loved and looked after with lots of care and attention (and much grassy goodness) if they are unfertilised? I'm still not sure. Food for thought, I guess. 





In other news, I have a studio addition that my dad and I put together yesterday for some more storage, and I love it! I always think its better to make something yourself or go second hand than buy something, and so we used slotted steel and thick MDF to create an airy practical small storage unit to nestle between my desk and easel. Bunnings win for sure.



Ok, off to plan a new artwork!



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