It's someone's birthday!

March 30, 2018

Today is Good Friday, but it's a special day for another reason. It's Zoe's 3rd birthday! She's growing up so fast *tear*. 



She's always been a pretty crazy little one, many puppy photos are like this. Here's another (a little bit older):



Pretty special little pup indeed. Now with a lot more hair.


I'm drinking coffee and eating homemade biscuits, the sun is out,  and I'm looking forward to a weekend of creative work.


 This is a little detail of something I've been working on, I keep changing my mind on things like colour contrast and depth. Ah, ever the indecisive perfectionist. I also haven't posted anything to social media in a while, and I'm feeling a bit guilty as a result. Social media these days is seen as such a big player in terms of your businesses marketing and promotion, something I am still trying to figure out. Is it better to post much more frequently but with lesser quality things, or only infrequently but with much larger compositions with more thought, detail, narrative, etc?

 I've been having the itch to paint lately, so may even get back into some pet portraits soon! Watch this space!!




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