Exhibition planning

March 26, 2018

Another year and another artwork being planned for IA's Collingwood Gallery exhibition. 


I don't recall posting last years on here, so I will do so now.




Anthropomorphised Extinction (Acrylic, pencil, digital edit, 2017) 


Last year's was about a few animals that had become extinct due to human action, I won't go into the sad details too much but we have lost so many species through no fault of their own and still continue to lose many. I wish I had known more about these amazing animals. They are being pulled up by a flower that is extinct in the wild (but still grown and kept by some people) called Cosmos atrosanguineus (Chocolate Cosmos). I hope that animals (and flowers!) within these species just happen to be found years into the future by people, it's happened before!


This year has a theme of SHOUT! 


I am whispering ideas to myself already. It will also be on wood for those who chose traditional media, so that's exciting as I was planning on cutting up some MDF I have lying around anyway. Yay for happy coincidences! Yay also for chocolate cake and warm tea which is getting me through the last of these hot Sydney summer days (despite being in Autumn).


In other news, one of our water pipes sprung a leak that the neighbours told us about. Turning the water off got me thinking, what would you prefer - no water or no electricity? So long as there is water in the jug for tea, I'm ok. Ahh, such a silly first world problem to ponder. 


Back to work I go.  

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