Saturday memoir

March 20, 2018

A couple days ago, when at a cafe working but with no internet and only my ipad, I decided to do some digital sketchbooking. I would usually do something like this in my physical sketchbook, though not normally with as much writing. But I liked doing it this way, it made it more of a mini story. I've never been one for comic books or graphic novels, but this was fun and made me think more about how much effort other people were putting into their activities. It also made me think about filling a full square without too much emphasis on a certain spot, so there was movement and progression throughout everything, while still seeming messy and unplanned, which it is, and was.


 I used the procreate app on my ipad, mainly using a rough pencil sketching setting. I went over the writing though using an ink tool because the pencil isn't the best for writing, in that the first mark I made on the letters was often too faint. This could be that I don't press hard enough at the start though, but I don't like pressing too hard on a glass surface. Next time I might try drawing with an inking tool and see how that does. 

Thank you for reading!

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