The Weekly Overview #2

March 19, 2018

Slowly but surely


Currently reading: Grimm Brothers stories; Part II Wuthering Heights (I've been slacking)

Currently listening: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Currently drinking: Water 

Weather: Too bloody hot. Top of 29 degrees C today, and STILL, no breeze. Yesterday was almost 40! Stop it.

Commission status: Not much better. Working on portfolio to send out soon


Well, another week. I'm actually thinking maybe I should write these on a Friday afternoon or something, so it's actually a week in review as opposed to reviewing the week at the start of a different week. So maybe I'll do the next one this Friday when I can remember what happened during the week more so!


Car troubles continued this week. I had the battery replaced after my car died on me when I finally thought I was better enough to drive up the street for some groceries. And I thought the front driver's side tire was looking a bit too flat for only being recently filled. Then metal was found wedged into the corner of it. So now I also have a new tire. In a couple more weeks it will probably have no old parts. 


Virus symptoms have been a bit more fluey lately. 


In terms of illustration, I'm thinking of having a couple of separate blog posts this week about both process and new work. I've felt like my confidence has returned somewhat. That terrible "am I good enough?" feeling has gone seeings as I've been able to feel productive again. 


Thinking about England: I'm starting to think of going over in May!!!!!!!! We'll see. I think I have a book commission around that time but it may just be at the roughs stage by then. I was thinking of leaving it until next March, but then I might chicken out or then it may be too late in trying to figure out where to live here in Aus instead of thinking of getting a visa. So, we'll see if post-holiday I still want to be over there more permanently and then am earning enough to be confident I can support a full-time freelance career. All up in the air at the moment!!! 

What else?


I keep seeing beautiful snow photos from England and also comments about how they want it to be summer, which, seeings as I am in Summer weather, feel differently about. The thing is, I think, that hot weather like this is good for holidays, but not normal living. It's too hot for putting clothes on the line, trying to sleep without air conditioning, driving a hot car every day so your makeup falls off, the road is too hot for dog walks during the day, I can't work in the car, etc. But it would be good for a holiday, if all you had to do was drink cocktails and go for dips in the pool. 


I have updated my website, like I said I wanted to do. I feel that the colours are much more cohesive than what they used to be, more limited, but in a good way. I will keep adding more colour, and I have found that I like to have one or two harmonious colours and work with that. 


Next step: get more portfolio pieces finished, especially for children's picture books, because this is something I would love to be commissioned for! I'm getting there, slowly but surely!


Thank you for reading :)


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