Harsh lines and a strong accent colour

February 8, 2018

 I liked working on this piece. I limited myself to almost everything being black and white, So I could use a strong accent colour to provide a sense of layers on top of each other, thus the strong red is the "middle ground". I also limited myself more so in terms of texture. I still wanted some, obviously, as I'm finding that I love it and need it. You can see the texture in the clothing, hair, ground etc. But a lot of the brick is black with only a couple brush swipes and the postal box is limited to the linework, the white/grey in the background is just that and continues into the ground.


I had a few tries drawing the child, and was happy with this pose. I also completed this drawing completely in Photoshop, from initial sketches to final work, so yay to me! Sketching initial roughs on the computer seemed like something I would never do, so I'm happy I'm at the point of feeling comfortable with doing rough sketches on the computer as well as using it to colour things in and so on.


I was aiming for this to be a children's book illustration, as I feel the digital illustration style can be good with providing strong background colours and layering. It probably wouldn't be your average children's book, or maybe a part that is a memory or story or dream or ... But I also want to work on brighter happier-looking things too!


Fun fun fun.


I'm wondering how to write my name now, I used to use a signature before but don't want to anymore. It was illegible and messy and pointless. I started using my initials about a year ago, but I'm wondering about just writing "Siobhan". It's not too common as an illustrator's name, is it?! It might try it in future.


Also I'm working on some lovely new prints to add to my etsy store!! Each time someone buys something I feel like saying "WAIT!!! Good stuff coming!"


But yeah. It's coming.


And a new video on my Youtube channel soon too. Hopefully.


instagram: siobhan.mcvey

etsy: SiobhanMcVey

youtube: Siobhan McVey



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