Snow White illustration

February 5, 2018



Once again, I found myself watching a movie and imagining how I could recreate this as an illustration. This piece is a bit more conceptual compared to Alice, however I am quite happy with the result. I'm finding myself loving texture (I might have to try and restrict myself in the future!) but still, it is amazing what the Kyle T Webster Photoshop brushes are capable of. I love using them.


I tried to restrict this colour palette, because Snow White is all about white skin and raven hair, and I didn't want to bring in other colours that didn't have purpose. So the red apple is all there is, in terms of strong colour.


It all starts with a sketch! This is how quick and simple mine was, but it turned out to be quite a close template for how the finished work turned out. I would have never been happy showing a sketch that is this ... sketchy... before, but who cares when the final work turns out how you meant it to. We have to start somewhere and I know am comfortable with how my roughs look in the beginning.




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