Indoor plant studies - Photoshop digital illustration

February 1, 2018


Yesterday I was trying for a lot of the day to create a fully digital illustration, a re-do of a previous graphite illustration of mine, and I was becoming very frustrated. I was trying so hard to do a full conceptual piece, background and all, at once, trying to do a slightly different digital style to see if I liked doing it, and I don't think I was ready. And also, I don't think that style suits me. I was trying to do something without any texture, very clean, very flat, and very nope.


As a result, today I worked on something that was a lot more fun, and I'm thinking of adding it to my etsy shop as a print. It is fun, colourful (well, green and pastel-y), and somewhat trendy at the moment, as I have been noticing afterwards how many illustrations of indoor plants there are. I had the idea to do a series, but just kept drawing them on the same Photoshop document, and this is what came out of it!


I think I own most of these plants, and most of the pots, although I did like adding patterns to some of them, and now I want to add those patterns in real life. I kept to one brush throughout, and was changing the colours slightly once I had drawn them using the hue/saturation toggles. I'm thinking of doing a similar illustration but of cats, but I like it so am probably going to keep thinking of other possible series to work on too!


It's a shame I feel the need to watermark my copyright rights over this picture, but there are so many artists and illustrators at the moment that are having their art stolen  :(


To leave on a more positive note, yay for indoor plants!! I may tweak it a bit more after a break from it before I add it to my etsy shop, we'll see.




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