Trying something new

January 28, 2018

This year I've decided to try some new things, to put myself out there. Taking a risk in a good way, not a jump off a building way.


I decided one such thing would be to finally start uploading YouTube videos. I have thought about doing so for years and opened up a channel about a year ago, but only now have finally taken the plunge. It's an easy first video, no need to make it too hard, it's meant to be fun!


So if you want to check it out, go for it! I'm hoping to make videos quite frequently, because I really found it to be quite fun, and I have a few ideas lined up. I guess that's one thing about working by yourself all day. You think a lot.


click here to watch my first video!


Hope you're having a good day, it's been hot here in Sydney lately.


instagram: siobhan.mcvey

etsy: siobhan.mcvey

twitter: SiobhanMcVey

YouTube: Siobhan McVey

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