Dairy free rum ball recipe

December 17, 2017


Sometimes, you want to eat a rum ball at that time of the year. For someone like me, who can react quite badly to dairy, this often means having to try and resist those little dark balls of goodness. Or just suffering the consequences. So I tried to recreate the Christmas holiday treat, free of dairy. Usually, rum balls are made with sweetened condensed milk and biscuits. I found sweetened condensed coconut milk at my local supermarket a while ago, and had kept a can for when the truffle trumpet sounded. In terms of biscuits, if you want a full dairy free version of these rum balls, use a plain biscuit that is butter-free, such as Nice biscuits. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter what you use; milk arrowroot, scotch finger, don't overthink it, this is meant to be fun!


Ingredients (Australian measurements):

- 1 320g can sweetened condensed coconut milk (my coconut version was 320g, normal sweetened condensed milk is around 395g, so you can put it all in and increase the other ingredients a bit, or only use 320g and put the rest aside for a later date)

- 250g plain biscuits, processed to a fine crumb

- 1 cup dried coconut, processed to a fine consistency

- 1/2 cup cocoa/cacao powder (and extra for rolling)

- 1 or 4 or ... Tbs rum (this is where you can put in however much you want. Or replace this with a couple teaspoons of peppermint essence for a minty treat! I put in probably about 4 Tbs. This will effect consistency so be careful, and you can always add more cocoa powder)



1. Let all these ingredients meet and mingle in a bowl, stir until it is one gloopy brown mess.

2. Put in the fridge, overnight is best so that the mixture solidifies

3. Roll approximately a heaped teaspoon amount into little balls then coat with cocoa powder (or coconut, sprinkles, unicorn dust...)


You have two options when doing this. Either wet your hands to roll out balls then put into cocoa powder, or dust your hands with cocoa powder to roll the little balls then coat with more powder. Wetting your hands means a smooth ball that is likely to pick up a fuller coating of cocoa powder, but you do have to keep cleaning your hands. Using cocoa powder on your hands means the balls may have a "pac-man" effect (you'll know it when you see it) because it is a drier process, but your hands won't be wet and sticky, so that's nice. Either way, I used a horizontal suspended hand technique (right hand on top) where my hands rotated at anti-clockwise directions at a 50% differing rate of circulation. Obviously. (Just roll them into little balls.)


They are best stored in the fridge or freezer and make too many to count. Plus this number kept decreasing for some reason.




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