Possum's Poem

April 27, 2017





This possum was not content at home,
He wanted to fly in the sky.
His wish - to escape into the clouds
And no one asked him why.

This possum wanted to escape so much
He walked right out the door.
He jumped as high as he could in the air  -
But of height, he needed more.

He hopped along...around...about...
And came across some ferns,
In which sat a moth... a fly...a bee...?
He was then about to learn.

It was a purple butterfly
With light and delicate wings.
She'd heard the possum's wish to fly -
Have you ever heard such a thing?

She offered the possum her wings to fly
But only for a quick loan.
The possum, so happy, started to cry -
The freedom he'd never known.

After he'd flown around the trees
He came back to the ground.
He gave back the wings, his dream fulfilled.
How nice does that sound?




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