Pet portraits

A commissioned pet portrait is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of a beloved pet. They are perfect as a gift for someone special or for your own home, office or studio.


I create black and white custom portraits with a variety of sizes to choose from.

We can decide together on the best image to use (must be high enough quality to see detail of fur, etc), and I'll update you during the drawing processes, with a final image sent before shipping out your new artwork.

Dimensions :

(210mm x 297mm - portrait / landscape) - good for highly detailed, regal portraits


(210mm x 148mm) - cute little version of A4 (not as much detail because of reduced size)

Squared A4

(210mm x 210mm) - good for faces/images that appear more square/round 

Squared A5

(148mm x 148mm)  - cute little version of squared A4.


To see prices and arrange a pet portrait, buy a commission on my etsy shop (click the 'shop' link in the menu above) or email me at 

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